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Hecht measuring tables for quality assurance, Exenso length stops and saw technology for increased productivity.

Unreliable processes jeopardise competitiveness and profitability. This leads to quality costs and waste, and even to delays in delivery and customer dissatisfaction. Hecht can help you to identify shortcomings and overcome failings with rigorous quality testing.

Over the course of more than four decades, Hecht Electronic Ltd. has established itself as a provider of a comprehensive range of pioneering measurement and positioning technology, thanks to its extensive knowledge of the industry. As one of the leading manufacturers in the field, Hecht offers a complete machine portfolio and practical technology, which extend from simple solutions right through to complex, fully automated measuring systems, and which guarantee quality and precision in the production process.

These systems enhance process control and significantly contribute to quality assurance and improvement, by means of tactile or optical measurement techniques. Length stops and sawing systems optimise production, increase precision in machining and rapidly increase the level of automation in manufacturing.
The advantages of using forward-looking systems technology in production are clearly evident.

Customers all over the world enjoy the advantages of innovative and sophisticated equipment and make full use of the services of qualified personnel, who are focused on problem-solving.  In addition to their application in the furniture industry, our modern systems are also used in the metal industry, both in the automobile industry and by well-known companies that are involved in air and space travel.

Hecht Electronic AG is a member of the VDMA
Our company is a member of the VDMA (German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Association), one of the most heavily subscribed and important industrial associations in Europe.