Automobil- und ZuliefererindustrieAutomobile and associated industries

Automobile and associated industries

Accuracy and flexibility, even in the case of freeform components.

Hecht measuring systems fully meet the extraordinarily high demands for precision and flexibility required in the automobile and associated industries. The process control of flat components is achieved by means of optical spot sampling using the Laser-DesQ, especially developed for this and other uses.
When cutting out aluminium profiles for sliding roofs or airbags, intelligent machining processes using the Exenso positioning and sawing systems guarantee trouble-free production runs.

Hecht’s applications for the automobile and associated industries.
Precision measuring.
  • Moulded prototype components - scanning using the Laser-DesQ
  • Calliper gauges for car roofs


Accurate positioning. Cutting to size with minimal wastage.
  • Aluminium profiles for roof lights.

Hecht sawing systemsHecht length stops

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