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Furniture and woodworking industries

Optimum tactile and optical quality control.

Furniture production requires a very high number of individual processes. What’s more, wood is one of the most difficult materials to measure, and its properties and colours are many and varied, which poses a great challenge when it comes to image processing. A lot of money has been invested in automated processes, in order to ensure that top results are achieved for the challenges set by the industry. No company is in a position to tolerate unreliable production processes anymore. Using measuring tables to control the accuracy of measurements is a must in furniture production. Whether taking spot samples with the Opto-DesQ Vmax during serial production, using the Duplex-Inline-Scanner for continuous monitoring procedures in Batch Size 1 production or checking measurements with Hecht measuring tables after the installation and adjustment of machine tools, you can be absolutely confident that the quality achieved will meet the required specifications after careful measurement on a measuring table.

With Hecht measuring tables, the measurement of dimensions, drill-hole positions, radii, parallelism and other values can be performed easily and quickly. In the furniture and woodworking industries, our measuring systems more than meet the high demands set by production and contribute significantly to quality assurance.

According to the motto of an American furniture manufacturer: “You get what you inspect, not what you expect!”

Decades of experience in the furniture sector have fine-tuned our operations and software to the special requirements of the furniture industry. Exenso sawing systems make an effective contribution towards the manufacture of handle-free kitchen fronts, blank units or worktops, skirting boards, door and cornice mouldings or challenging furniture components. We would be pleased to advise you as to your requirements and seek out a suitable solution from our Hecht product portfolio.

Hecht applications for the furniture and woodworking industries.
Precision measuring.
  • Units and blanks
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Measuring timber components and transferring data for milling
  • Checking goods received before high bay racking
  • Laminates
  • Parquet
  • Part identification by profiling and size
  • Scanning glass sheets and transferring milling data
  • Acoustic panels
  • Drilling spindle correction files for minimising set-up times

Hecht measuring systems

Accurate positioning. Cutting to size with minimal wastage.
  • Cutting profiles using existing saws
  • Door profiles and handles
  • Skirting profiles
  • Cornice mouldings
  • C and L profiles
  • Interior fittings

Hecht sawing systems Hecht length stops

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