Metallindustrie und AluminiumzuschnittMetalworking industry and aluminium cutting

Metalworking industry and
aluminium cutting

Process control and effective cutting.

Hecht‘s measuring tables and positioning units guarantee the highest degree of accuracy for the metalworking industry and are more than meet the challenges of keeping precisely to set dimensions, even when high quantities are required. Within the framework of quality control in steel cutting, it is necessary to check the drilling profiles, count drill-holes and measure evenness. This guarantees the highest level of quality assurance. 

When cutting aluminium profiles, intelligent machining processes with Exenso positioning and sawing systems ensure that production runs are smooth and efficient. As required, equipment can range from a simple length stop to a completely automatic sawing system with angle adjustment, ensuring that a range of aluminium profiles can be machined effectively for use in the construction of caravans, in the automobile industry, and for making suitcase and picture frames or door mouldings.

Hecht’s applications for the metalworking industry and aluminium cutting.
Precision measuring.
  • Sheet metal for measuring tables
  • Linear measurements
  • Checking drill hole profiles
  • Measuring evenness
  • Measuring thickness

Hecht measuring systems

Accurate positioning. Cutting to size with minimal wastage.
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Profiles for caravans
  • Suitcase profiles
  • Picture frame
  • Door mouldings

Hecht measuring systems Hecht length stops

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