LängenanschlägeLength stops

Length stop Exenso.

The precise, robust and powerful Exenso length stop increases your productivity and adds decisive competitive advantages to your production: Exenso Comfort and Exenso Basic are precise positioning systems for numerous processing machines, which enable optimal yields when processing wood, metal and other materials.

The Exenso length stops enable automatic,  high-precision positioning of components on chopping saws, drilling units, punches and processing machines in furniture and window production, metalworking and timber construction, according to predefined data records. All Exenso length stop models are designed to suit practical requirements and ensure comfortable handling.

Customer-specific software tools for the Exenso Comfort achieve optimum results and advantages for customer requirements. Intuitive handling on the touch screen and an Ethernet connection option for data exchange makes the Exenso Comfort length stop a future-proof investment for all requirements.
The simple input of measurements by the proven Exenso Basic positioning control and programmable function keys ensure maximum convenience and faster workflows. The Exenso Basic length stop displays data via the large LCD display.

Heavy components can be positioned with the Exenso XL length stop. By means of a reinforced version and wider toothed belts, heavy components can be precisely positioned and cut exactly to size.

For more information on length stops and positioning stops, see also: www.exenso-extra.de