Exenso ComfortExenso Comfort

Exenso Comfort

The intelligent, user-friendly length stop.

Range of applications MST-Digital calliper gauge
  • Simple and safe for quick and precise measurement in the wood and metal industries.
Functions MST-Digital calliper gauge
  • Clear and precise digital display 
  • Rigid warping construction of aluminium profile
  • Measuring adapters for measuring distances between drillings
Technical data
Technical data Exenso Comfort

processing high numbers of work pieces in the

  • furniture industries
  • window frame
  • metalwork
  • profile cutting
  • individual component production.
Suitable materials
  • wood
  • metal
  • plastics
Function / operationdata import with Touch Screen, value storage
data import from industry software
import of excel files Data from GMF measurement calliper can be read in
Standard lenghts
  • adjustment range 2,600 mm
  • total length 3,000 mm
  • other lengths are possible
  • roller conveyor with plastic or steel rolls
  • roller conveyor width 310 mm or 410 mm
  • aluminium carriage for glazing beads
Accuracy± 0.1 mm
Resolution± 0.01 mm
Carriage speedup to 60 m/min
Monitor15" touch screen

The Exenso Comfort is the ideal solution for production tasks involving large numbers of components or frequently changing measurements. The powerful length top with servomotor positions components in front of the processing machine quickly and precisely. The Exenso Comfort positioning stop is perfect for window and furniture production, metalworking and timber construction.

The Exenso Comfort length stop enables user-friendly input of measurements via a touch screen monitor. Easy storage of length and chain measurements. Data sets with measurements can likewise be conveyed to the positioning stop control via an internal computer network (ethernet). Interface data from industry software can thus be imported or excel job lists can be read in.

The wear-free, dirt-resistant and robust control makes the Exenso Comfort a low-maintenance length stop and a future-proof investment for all requirements.

For more information on length stops see also: www.exenso-extra.de.

Software options
Exenso Optimisation Programmes

Optimisation of job data when loading via the network and significant reduction of waste. Colour coding for rod change and residual lengths per order enable a quicker overview. In addition, the Exenso optimisation can also be installed in an office workplace for efficient material purchasing and reduction of stock.

Optimisation can be extended to include residue detection. By inputting the residual profile, the residue length is measured and this optimised measurement is then processed.
The optimisation can also be used on GMF imported data.


Exenso Interfaces

Interfaces enable the import of larger amounts of data and allow the user to cut workpieces quickly and efficiently:

  • Data connection to Klaes window construction software, SAP, ...
  • Reading in of .html formats
  • RS232 interfaces
  • Wireless measurements with GMF wireless measurement slide
Exenso Barcode Scanner

Job lists can be called up quickly and conveniently via the barcode scanner.
Exenso-FAS enables the automatic positioning and scanning of measurements straight from the label.


Exenso Label Printing

For clear identification or allocation, labels can be automatically printed with commission, names or customer logo. Adapted according to your needs as a matter of course!

Exenso Pusher Mode

For numerous smaller cuts or for heavy metal, the slide mode is an effective mode of operation. Change to stop mode at any time for single cuts.

Exenso 2. Zero Position

With the 2. Zero Position you can easily carry out consecutive steps and change the zero position with a single keystroke.
2 processing units can also be controlled with one stroke. To do so, the monitor is swivelled from one side to the other and the processing machines stand back-to-back.

    Exenso Colour and Profile Assignment

    Should article numbers have different colours so that changes in the article are made visually obvious? The clear assignment of article number and colour helps where there are many different articles on a list, and this results in a reduction in error sources.


    Exenso Height Adjustment

    Automatic height adjustment via the transmission of length stops or roller tracks e.g. for punching or processing machines with additional features or tools.

    Exenso Release

    After a cut has been made, the length stop automatically moves back a little for easy removal in the case of punching or sawing with a cutting gap opening.

    Safety Lock

    Prevents simultaneous occurrence of positioning and sawing.

    Exenso Material Feed

    Feeding can be done semi-automatically or fully automatically, according to the number and type of profiles. For your internal warehouse logistics, we offer the right solution for the supply of tubes and bars, and for their removal, so that it becomes possible to work effectively in confined spaces.


    Application pictures
    Exenso Comfort with punch for reinforcement profile
    Exenso Comfort with mitre saw and dowel drilling machine
    Measurement and cutting of frames

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