Exenso XLExenso XL

Exenso XL

The strong length stop.

Range of applications Exenso XL

Exenso XL Comfort or Exenso XL Basic for processing heavy workpieces e.g. in carpentry shops, woodworking or metal processing.

Functions Exenso XL
  • Maximum thrust at high feed rate are characteristic of this stop
  • A high powered servomotor serves as driving motor
  • Positioning electronics serve as position controller
  • Thrust power: 1600 N
  • Loadbearing capacity of the feet is 100 kg/m
  • Power transmission via 50 mm toothed belts with steel insert
  • Adjustment speed 40 m/min
  • Freely programmable brake and acceleration ramp
  • Easy installation
Technical data
Technical data Exenso XL

processing heavy materials f.e.wood profiles in a carpentry, profiles in the steel industry

Suitable materials
  • wood
  • metal
  • plastics
Function /
Exenso Comfort XL: Data import with Touch Screen, value storage data import from industry software import of excel files

Exenso Basic: 60 values can be stored
Standard lenghtsadjustment range 2,600 mm, Total length 3,000 mm, other lengths are possible
  • roller conveyor with plastic or steel rolls
  • roller conveyor width 310 mm or 410 mm
Accuracy± 0.1 mm
Resolution± 0.01 mm
Carriage speedup to 40 m/min
Monitor15" Touch Screen or LCD Display

With the Exenso XL, Hecht offers the perfect solution for large, heavy and components. The XL version is based on the length stop models Exenso Basic and Exenso Comfort.

Software options
Software options Exenso XL

Software options Exenso XL Comfort
Software options Exenso XL Basic 

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