3D HawkEye Scanner3D HawkEye Scanner

3D HawkEye Scanner

Automated part identification and profile measurement.

Technical data
Technical data 3D HawkEye Scanner
Suitable materials
  • painted furniture components
  • other components (on application)
Dimension checks
  • length
  • width
  • angles
  • profiling
Standard measurement range900 – 1,200 mm
Component thicknessup to 60 mm as standard
Accuracy0.2 – 1 mm
Resolution0.01 mm
Feed rate40 m/min

Using the 3D HawkEye Scanner measuring device, furniture components which do not have bar codes, RFIDs or labels can be identified. The part is identified using its dimensions and profiling. These can thus be assigned to specific orders. Using a combination of camera and laser with image processing software, the profile images are compared with previously calibrated components. Thus, the commissioned order can be checked for completeness and the correct label can be printed.

      Software options
      Software options 3D HawkEye Scanner
      • Barcode capture
      • Printing of labels to customer specifications
      • SQL data links
      • Data storage
      • Picking of items according to customer priorities
      • Colour recognition can be incorporated
      Application pictures
      Automatic part identification

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