Measure any shape you like – precisely.

Range of applications Laser-DesQ

The parts are slightly curved and have corners and edges, f.e. in the

  • autombil industry for measuring absorber for bumpers or
  • in the roller shutter industry
Functions Laser-DesQ

The machine is able to measure different geometries out of different materials exact and precisely.
Prototype control as well as samples inspections can be done with the Laser DesQ.

Technical data
Technical data Laser-DesQ
Suitable materials
  • Optical sample testing measurement of not flat parts of all material types (not reflecting)
Dimension checks
  • length
  • width
  • component thickness
  • cut-outs
  • evenness
Standard measurement range2,000 x 1,500 mm
Accuracy± 0.1 mm

For the measurement of flexible shapes a 3 axis coordinate measuring tableis equipped with several sensors. The sensors measure on different points geometry and edges.

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