SägeanlagenSawing Systems

Mitre saws with automatic angle adjustment.

Undertable mitre saw for 90° or manual angle adjustment.

Saws & Length Stops as System Solutions
The Exenso Sawing Systems are combinations of the Exenso Comfort length stop and various sawing units. Combined with chopping, mitre and profile saws, the versatile and powerful stop displays its strength - shorter working time, waste reduction and simplified workflow for the user. A machining centre is not required.  The Exenso Sawing Systems provide the ideal interim solution for automated cutting.

It is no longer only plastic and aluminium profiles for the kitchen and window industries that are cut on Exenso Sawing Systems. The systems are now also being used very effectively in the manufacture of aluminium suitcases and picture frames or in ship interiors. Particularly for the kitchen industry, we have developed solutions for the manufacture of handleless kitchens, skirting boards and decorative profiles.

From Hecht, you can obtain combi-systems, which are made exactly according to your production requirements, up to and including fully automatic aluminium sawing systems for aluminium and plastic profiles. There are also other processing machines available, such as profile and tube punching machines, which can be combined with the Exenso Comfort according to your requirements.
As a customer, you will profit from our experience in the individual adjustment of the saw-stop combination to meet your requirements.

Our employees have many years of experience in adjusting the system to suit the customers' requirements. Our software developers are able to configure customer-specific data interfaces specifically for your needs.