Exenso Doppelgehrungssäge DS350Exenso double mitre saw DS 350

Exenso double mitre saw DS 350


The Exenso double mitre saw DS 350 was developed to cut a large number of strips and profiles made of wood, aluminium or plastic efficiently. Thanks to the automatic length positioning and continuous motorized angle adjustment on two saw units, the double mitre saw works precisely, quickly and without errors. Two linear bearings and four carriages for the saw head guidance ensures a precise cut with the 350mm diameter saw blade, which is optimized for the window profile depth. The positioning accuracy of +/- 0,1 mm ensures proper connections especially for mitre cuts.

    Range of applications double mitre saw DS350
    • Cutting of strips, linings and profiles made of aluminium, wood or plastics
    • Saw blade diameter 350 mm and swivell positioning from 22,5° inside to 135° outside (continuous)
    • 3-Axis-control for positioning in centreline and motorized adjustment of the angles on both saw units
    • swivel positions -45°/ 90°/ 135° via speed button on the monitor
    Functions Exenso double mitre saw DS350
    • high precise saw cut through two linear bearings and four carriages for the saw head guidance
    • separate controllable pneumatic voltage, especially for the stretching from rebated Glazing beads out of wood
    • clamping cylinders can be switched on and off.
    • Optimal extraction of the saw hood and the sawing table across a central connection at the power unit
    • The safety interlock prevents a simultaneous s positioning und sawing
    Technical data
    Technical Data Exenso Doppelgehrungssäge DS350
    ApplicationCutting of Profiles for window construction,, Producers of furniture and doors, joineries, Facade builders
    Suitable materials
    • aluminium
    • plastic
    • wood
    Function /

    Machine control software:

    • manual function
    • data import
    • Scan barcode
    • Measuring calliper GMF
    • Label printer
    • Short cut automatic
    Saw blade diameter350 mm
    Working length3.000 mm or 4.000 mm
    • Positioning via PC control
    • 3-axis control for positioning in the centreline
    • Motorized adjustment of the angles on both saw (degree- und angular minute)
    ModelDirect drive through AC motor with dual blade mounting
    Accuracy± 0.1 mm
    • 1 material support at 3.000 mm working length
    • 2 material support at 4.000 mm working length
    Clamping systemAutomatic clamping of the saw carriage after reaching the target position via PC control
    • Dust proof Touch Screen
    • Industrial PC control
    • Operating system Windows
    Software options
    Exenso Optimisation Programmes

    Optimisation of job data when loading via the network and significant reduction of waste. Colour coding for rod change and residual lengths per order enable a quicker overview. In addition, the Exenso optimisation can also be installed in an office workplace for efficient material purchasing and reduction of stock.

    Optimisation can be extended to include residue detection. By inputting the residual profile, the residue length is measured and this optimised measurement is then processed.

    Exenso Interfaces

    Software interfaces enable the operator to import fast big numbers of data for cutting aluminium or plastic profiles very efficiently:

    • Data connection to Klaes window construction software, SAP, ...
    • Reading in of .html formats
    • RS232 interfaces


    Exenso Label Printing

    For clear identification or allocation, labels can be automatically printed with commission, names or customer logo. Adapted according to your needs as a matter of course!

    Exenso Colour and Profile Assignment

    Should article numbers have different colours so that changes in the article are made visually obvious? The clear assignment of article number and colour helps where there are many different articles on a list, and this results in a reduction in error sources.

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