Exenso Sägeanlage UTG 400-800Exenso Sawing System UTG 400-800

Exenso Sawing System UTG 400-800

Cutting successfully automated.

Range of applications Exenso sawing system UTG 400-800
  • Cutting of aluminium or plastic profiles with a mitre
  • Automatic cutting of 90° sections
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Individual placing and processing of 6m profiles
  • Extension of feed magazine possible
Functions Exenso sawing system UTG 400-800

The saw blade, which comes from below, is automatically positioned at the desired angle. The length stop pushes the profile to the desired measurement and automatically activates the cutting process. Depending on the profile, the angle cutting is carried out completely automatically and the leftover pieces are disposed of. The cutting lists are imported with measurement and angle inputs and called up via the touch screen control system or the barcode scanner.

Technical data
Technical data Exenso sawing system UTG 400-800
  • cutting of aluminiumprofiles
  • window frames
  • glazing beads
  • frames
Suitable materials
  • aluminium
  • plastic
Function /
  • mitre saw
  • pusher modus
  • automatic cutting and angle correction
  • download of job lists with Barcode or network
  • data import of industry software or excel files
Pivoting range
  • 15° – 90° -165°
  • stepless
  • automatic
Saw blade diameter
  • 400, 500, 600, 800 mm
Exenso length stop adjustment lenghts6,000 mm
  • pusher modus
  • optional length stop modus for single cuts
  • roller conveyor with plastic or steel rolls
  • roller conveyor width 310 mm or 410 mm
Accuracy± 0.1 mm
Resolution± 0.01 mm
Clamping systempneumatic, vertical and / or horizontal
Monitor15" touch screen with Exenso Comfort operation 

The Exenso Sawing System UTG 400-800 series enables flexibility of the cutting range. Depending on the cutting range requirements, the diameter of the corresponding saw blade for the under-table mitre saw can be chosen from 400 to 800 mm. The user-friendly Exenso control system with touch screen enables job lists to be loaded or the manual input of measurements.
The combination of the undertable mitre saw and length stop as a sawing unit enables automated production and allows for increased productivity. Angle corrections are automatically calculated in the Exenso Comfort control system, and due to this optimisation, waste is reduced.

Software options
Application pictures Sawing System
Exenso UTG 400 with magazin feeding
Exenso UTG 400 for aluminium and steel
Exenso UTG 400-90°
Exenso UTG 600-90°, automatic 90° cuts

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